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Eyebrows! You cant leave the house without them.

As decades change so do make-up looks, and I would have to say the most crazed one yet would have to be eyebrows. In 2017 eyebrows are huge and is a VERY important asset in your makeup routine. Yet, there are many problems that ladies seem to overlook when trying to keep up with new trends.

Today, every slayed eyebrow consist of being concealed to have that sharp clean look, which honestly is to die for. Only problem is some people who try this technique, beginners and professionals, are not educated in color range which can cause horrible outcomes.

To start this conversation off  we have to define what a concealers job is. A concealer is a very thick foundation that is used to cover blemishes or dark spots in the face. It can be used to clean up any messy areas on your face, like around your lips once lipstick is applied or under/ over the eyebrows once their filled in. Since we’ve got that covered lets get down to business.

Types of products typically used to fill in your brows are brow pencils, dip brow, or brow gel. The color you choose should match your natural brow hair color so pick accordingly. That’s the easy part, the hard part is filling them in correctly. Just a tip, stay lighter in front and darken going toward the back of the brow.

My favorite product for eyebrows have to be Anastasia Beverly Hills dip brow pomades.

*Heads Up! The video attached explains this and shows you how to fill in your brows as well as to conceal and do’s and dont’s.

So, the part I’ve been dying to get to is concealing the brow. There are three ways to conceal the brow effectively and I’m going to break them down. Keep in mind at this point your eyebrows should already be filled in.

  1. If your a beginner play it safe and get a concealer that matches your natural skin tone. With your angled brush follow the shape of your natural eyebrow and conceal top and bottom. With this technique you wont get the halo around your brows and this look is the most natural. If your going to wear eyebrows only this technique is perfect.

  2. Another way to conceal is using a lighter concealer ( 2 to 3 shade lighter than your natural skin tone.) under your eyebrow,  and a natural tone concealer on top. This method works to give highlight to the highest arch of your brow and sends all the attention/lightness to your eyes for eye-shadow. Also, you will not get the halo over your brow and it will still look natural. Remember though if you are going to wear just eyebrows for your makeup look and not a full face do not do this technique, it wont look natural.

  3. The final technique. You can use a lighter concealer (2 to 3 shade lighter than your natural skin color.) to conceal both top and bottom of the brow.  This technique  gives a more contrast look to show extreme sharpness and cleanness to the brow, but it will look very unnatural.  So it must be executed by a professional to make it look natural and seamlessly blended. Most of the time this only works if other areas of the face is being highlighted as well, and there will be a halo around your brows.

Hopefully I’ve shed some light on eyebrows for you ladies. I think that if you follow these techniques and know which one to use for the occasion you cant go wrong. Always remember there is no right and wrong in makeup because everyone’s liking is different. What works for me may not work for the next person so till next time be nice, kind and beautiful.

*Lip conceal video*

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