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Giving up is never an option….NEVER!

Hello my beauties,

Today I want to spread love to all of you on your journey with makeup and beauty. I was shopping in Walmart the other day, of course I was beat to the gods, and the cashier complimented me on my makeup. She expressed to me how she struggled with makeup and trying to get a flawless application like mine. I told her to never give up, but she responded saying those exact words, “Girl I’m done with makeup.,” and it truly broke my heart.

My Beauties I didn’t get this far overnight I promise you, and that’s why I embedded the picture above. Everyday I’m learning and trying new techniques because their are no mistakes in makeup in my opinion. I want to be better with every stroke of the brush, but I cant do that if I give up. The picture above is almost a 5 year timeline. Yea, I know some of you may say wow really? I know that may be long to some, but that’s what worked for me and now I’m striving for perfection. Don’t allow what you haven’t practiced multiple times stop you from reaching your full potential.

I love makeup and its versatility to do whatever I please, and I hope you beauties love just as much as me. So, continue to rock your makeup looks and practice often because that’s the only way you will ever  get good. My beauties I am still learning till this day so lets learn together, and don’t be afraid to ask me questions I’m always here to help.

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