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Mascara, I’ve found a new love!

Updated: Jun 14, 2022

Hey Beauties.

So I doubt you guys know that I am a falsies girl. I love false eyelashes with all my heart, especially long full ones. Yet, I think I’ve found an up-roaring like for the natural babies. After having to attend an event this weekend ,and didn’t have any falsies, honey I had to pull out my handy dandy MAC Bold & Bad Mascara and honey I was popping. for someone who barely has eyelashes , with only three coats I was able to achieve these stunning eyes.


In personal opinion I can never honesty see the difference in mascara and I have tried a few. Yet, I think I was blinded by the fact I knew I would never wear my real eyelashes for a full face make up beat. So I’ve started browsing about the hottest mascara of 2017 and the one that I think I most definitely had to try is the Urban Decay Perversion. Have any of you guys tried it? If not tell me what your Favorite Mascara have been this year and why in the comment section and Ii will definitely try it out.

One Mascara combo that I do recommend though for a real cheat sheet of Mascara is the Younique 3D Fiber Lash + Mascara set.When I say its the Its makes your lashes extra long , but it does have slight clumping which I know us make-up junkies hate. Speaking of Mascara no-go’s, I found this awesome video on how to get the best application of your mascara and  this video is really helpful. Like I told you my beauties I am constantly learning! One thing that never crossed my mind was heating up my eyelash curler before applying it to make my eyelashes stay curled longer, Genius!

Side note: YouTube is your best friend when trying to learn anything because it allows you to replay as much as you;d like till you get the hang of it. That’s how I started and still this YouTube is still a go to.

Until next time my Beauties!

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